JOMI (Joseph Michael Kreutzer) was born 1952 in Bous (Saarland, Germany) and is one of the top artists in his field.
He studied under Marcel Marceau at the “ecole de Mimodrame” in Paris. His training also included classical and modern dance, acrobatics, fencing, juggling, and experimental theater with excellent teachers such as Pavel Rouba, Maximilian Decroux, Stephan Niedzialkowsky and Matt Mattox.
1981 JOMI graduated with a diploma and has worked since then as a solo mime, instructor of pantomime, body language and the performing arts.

JOMI has distanced himself from Marcel Marceau’s style although this will always be the technically sound basis for his pantomime.
JOMI’s further education in the art of face mimics with Jacques Lecoq and Didier Mouturat rounded up his talent and made the artist open to different styles of pantomime.

1988 JOMI initiated the “International Mime Festival in Saarland”, in Germany which in varying time intervals – until now 8 times – offers artists of different nationalities and cultures, an appropriate and important forum for various forms of pantomime.

From 1991 – 2001 he worked as a lecturer in pantomime and body language at the `University of the Saarland for music and theater’.

In 1996 he received the `Culture Award for Art and Science’ of the district of Saarlouis, in recognition of “his outstanding performance, which is characterized by versatility, sensitivity and precision of expression.”

In June 1997 the `European Association from and with artists with disabilities’ – in short EUCREA – appointed JOMI for some time to join as a Board member. JOMI became deaf in early age.

In October 1999 JOMI received for his services to the pantomime and intercultural relations in Europe the `Federal Cross of Merit’ signed by the German President Johannes Rau.

Since 2001, the artist is working as a muse Ambassador of the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation as Theatre teacher in various schools in Saarland, Germany.

In 2007 he founded the `Cultural Center Lebach-Eidenborn’, where in addition to pantomime and body language workshops the various facets of performing arts are taught.

JOMI is a worldwide renowned and popular artists – his language is understood everywhere. His tours have taken him to all European countries, several times to Russia, North and South Africa, in many Latin American countries in the Arab Emirates, Jordan and Japan.

Through him pantomime becomes a message, because in the art of silence life is reflected. He gives us what we need the most in our hectic times: the pause – the silence – the touch of the soul through imagination and reflection, or how JOMI puts it:

“Pantomime is the poetry of silence”