The film “JOMI’s Sphere of Action” is a documentary about the artist Josef Michael Kreutzer (JOMI), who became deaf as a child after a meningitis and later studied against all adversities at Marcel Marceau’s school in Paris. Since 1981 he has been successful as a solo pantomime worldwide and supports numerous projects with handicapped artists to this day.

The film by Sebastian Voltmer shows the highs and lows of his life and accompanies JOMI during his performances in different countries. Rare archive material shows his life from unusual perspectives.

The film was designed that it can be easily understood by deaf and blind people without disturbing the narrative flow. The well-known sign language interpreter Isabelle Ridder, who also directs JOMI, interprets the sound portion of the film for the hearing impaired in German Sign Language. And an audio description attempts to make the exclusively visual art of pantomime accessible to the blind through a poetic narrative form. In this respect, this documentary is an important pilot project in the cinema landscape.